Reid Haus, Climate Friendly Shared Home

304 Grove Street, Bridgeport, PA 19405, 304 Grove Street, Bridgeport, PA 19405

Property Type: Rental
3 Beds 3.5 Baths 2,600 Sq Ft


Whats special about Reid Haus?

..It’s comfortable & quiet. Our secret sauce, we rebuilt the house to German Passive house standards that includes super insulation, an airtight building, great windows/doors, a 24/7 fresh air system and a power plant driven by the sun.

..We’re pet friendly. How? We have easy to clean floors and a great back yard with easy to clean up dog friendly turf!

..You’ll experience what it’s like to live in a climate friendly, low carbon home. Specifically, you’ll learn why this home uses as little as 10 percent of the energy used by a typical home. You’ll… experience induction cooking, drink great tasting water, learn new ways of saving water, get a feel for how our Vermaposting system replaces a garbage disposal, see how expired resources have been given a second life and when hanging outside you might experience a hummingbird sighting…


Tech: House includes Verizon Fios for internet and 3 smart TV’s with Hulu Live TV

Laundry: On the same level as the bedrooms.

Bedroom 1 with full bath has a queen bed, sitting area, dresser and individually controlled heating and air conditioning.

Bedroom 2 with full bath has 2 double beds, sitting area, dresser and individually controlled heating and air conditioning.

Living Room:

Study Area:

Powder room:


Back yard:

Emergency backup system: In the event of a power failure, the house could easily run for 2 weeks.

The neighborhood:

Bridgeport is an old steel and factory town in a central location. Back in the day, there was (among other things) a steel mill, a pants factory, a carpet factory, and a hardware store that was the stuff of legend. Many of the row homes in town were originally built as company housing. The many row homes and “twins” (side-by-side duplexes) you see in Bridgeport are characteristic of traditional Philadelphia-area homebuilding. Bridgeport was always a little place nestled between the much larger towns of Norristown, King of Prussia, and Conshohocken. Norristown had a much larger industrial and commercial center, and is today a gold mine for ethnic food (Mexican, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Japanese…). King of Prussia offers Valley Forge Park and the largest shopping mall on the East Coast. Conshohocken, another old steel town, is now an up-and-coming neighborhood with a vibrant bar and restaurant scene.

Reid House has a private parking space behind the house, 3 homes off the alley. If you are driving an electric car, feel free to plug in to our energy plant (solar and batteries). Additional parking is available on the street and by using one of our two Tap House parking stickers.

A little more about the home…

Reid Haus, named after the family that sold us a great home with solid bones, beautiful floors and gorgeous doors consists of two bedrooms and laundry on the 3rd floor, each with its own bathroom sitting area with individually controlled heating and air conditioning. The second floor living area consists of a living room, dining space and a kitchen with a nine foot picture window that delivers truck loads of natural light on a daily basis.

The first floor is a self contained suite with a bedroom, full bath, laundry, kitchenette, powder room and a sitting/eating/TV watching area.

The basement contains all the tech required to run the house,

Outside the home, there is a private sunny hanging out space with raised beds, native tree an outdoor cooking area and dog friendly Astro turf.


  • Out-door sink
  • Vermiposting box
  • Out-door electric for induction cooktop
  • 240 car charger
  • Irrigation system

Floor Plans

First Floor Suite

Size Rooms Bathrooms
-- 2 2

The first floor suite contains a bedroom, bath, family room, powder room, washer/dryer and kitchenette. There are two entry doors to the space and a door from the family room that goes down to the basement.

Second floor

Size Rooms Bathrooms
66' long, 15 feet wide 2 1

This floor consists of living room, kitchen, dining area and powder room. There are steps leading up to this area from both the front and the back of the house.

Third Floor Bedrooms

Size Rooms Bathrooms
-- 2 2

The third floor contains 2 suites. Each suite includes bedroom area, closet, a full bathroom and individual controls for heating and air conditioning. There is also a washing machine and dryer on the third floor.


Size Rooms Bathrooms
40 feet 1 --

The basement contains tenant storage and technical gear to run the house. Given we ventilated the floor, under insulated the concrete and sealed this space to Passive House standards, it is dry as a bone during all 4 seasons.

Agent Information

Steve Oliver


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