Property Details

Zadroga Haus, New Age Style Shared Home

$1,000 per suite / month

308 Coates Street, Bridgeport, PA 19405, 308 Coates Street, Alley Entrance, Bridgeport PA 19405

Property Type: Shared Home / Co-op
2 Beds 3 Baths 1,200 Sq Ft


This is our first shot at a “New Aging” Style Shared Home with a revenue model.  What puts this home the “New Aging category?

  1. It has radiant heat and individually controlled air conditioning units. It’s comfortable!
  2. The home is heavily insulated and sound attenuated. The result from the extra effort, it’s quiet….
  3. It has a Gena Galanti designed kitchen, a day-lit glass block wall and a step down living area. It feels good!
  4. We have two bedrooms on the second floor, each with its own bathroom. Christine, our architect did great work!
  5. With tubular skylights engineered into the roof, both bathrooms and the stairwell are bathed in salubrious light!
  6. It’s has cat and dog friendly warm floors. Besides the easy clean-up, our floors minimize “animal cabin fever in the winter!
  7. The house has Kee Klamp railings both inside and out along with step friendly treads. We’re all about safety!
  8. Can’t forget our Chris Carrington designed back yard. We’ve been told it’s one of the nicest small yards in the Delaware Valley…
  9. Ever hear of  a double decker shed. We have one and it really works!
  10.  The home has a transfer switch and generator. With this in place, we’re ready for the day when the lights go out!
  11. Environmentally, we make a little power with the sun, have an electric car charger on the public network and we’re water smart.
  12. We have the second most functional awning in Bridgeport. How’ it functional? It has working headlights :).
  13. We have a whole lot of low carbon reclaimed pavers in our driveway and patio. It was work digging these out. Worth it though!
  14. We have two excellent, environmentally thoughtful tenants in Mary 1 and Mary 2. They also have interesting friends!
  15. The house also contains a working Air BnB that is on the first floor of the home.


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