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Our Climate Friendly 3 BR Comfort Home / Air BnB at 1225 Rebel Hill Road

$295 per night

1225 Rebel Hill Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428

Property Type: Airbnb
3 Beds 4 Baths 1,900 Sq Ft 1 Garages


If you are a resource conscious person that has an interest in learning more about resilient, climate friendly housing, consider staying with us.

Our offer:

. Kitchen, living, dining, laundry / line drying , airlock and outdoor patio on the second floor.

. Two bedrooms on the third floor and one in the penthouse (fourth floor). Each bedroom has its own bathroom and individual controls for heating and air-conditioning.

. A purpose built Harry Potter nook with single bed located under the steps.

. Sauna and outside shower.

. A garage parking spot that accommodates a medium sized car.

. Plenty of outdoor parking.

. An option to add a first floor 200 square foot suite that includes a bedroom and full bath.


Climate friendly features in our 1225 house includes…

..Pensive, south facing architecture.

.. A “Malm” 300 gallon hot water heat farm that derives it’s energy from the sun.

.. A back-up instantaneous hot water system

.. Insulated concrete first floor structure.

.. Twelve inch double wall construction on the second and third floors.

.. An airlock / vestibule that helps the house stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

.. Triple glazed low E windows.

.. Dense packed insulation derived from recycled newspaper.

.. Recycled pavers deployed as a low carbon alternative for patio and walking paths.

.. Repurposed cherry cabinets and granite countertops salvaged from a “big dollar” home.

.. Decorative concrete on the first floor eliminating the need for carbon intensive floor finishes.

.. A ventilated low carbon indoor line drying room that is kind to your clothing.

.. Lots of Vitamin D spilling into the house via plenty of glazing. The yield, lots of salubrious day lighting into the house.

..For the areas of the home with low daylight exposure, we illuminate with tubular skylights.

..Translucent landings in our stairwell. With our “bullet proof” landings you’ll be getting a “sunlight bath” when heading up to the penthouse.

..A Vermaposting box rather than the standard energy / water consuming garbage disposal.

..Decorative concrete on our first floor and outside patio which minimizes the need for carbon intensive flooring.

..A 240 volt EV car charger.

..Robotic electric lawnmover that derives some of its electrons from the sun.

..Access to Zummo bike wheels so you can enjoy a low carbon activity on local bike trails.

..Gardening opportunities


Healthy additions

.. Lots of salubrious sun lite.

.. Ventilation via Panasonic Whisper Green fans.

.. Outside Shower

.. Dry sauna for our residents in the 3 BR suite.

.. Grass for dog walking.

.. Bird feeders that invite feathered friends and their music.

.. Vegetable & flower gardens.

.. A tasty fresh water system that eliminates the need for single use plastic bottles.

.. Surface cleaning with effective, low carbon Hypocloric acid.


You’ll want to stay in our home if you…

.. Care about climate change and want to be part of the solution.

.. You want to get a feel for climate friendly living.

.. You plan on building a low carbon comfort home or are considering efficiency improvements for your existing home.


A few FAQ’s

How’s the parking?

  • The left garage is allocated to the 3 BR unit. There is also an entrance from the garage to the main house.
  • There is also driveway parking and
  • We also have over flow parking out front.


What’s a Harry Potter room and why have one?

  • It’s a guest sleeping nook with a full size twin under the steps and a painting of Hedwig.  According to the young people that have camped out in the Potter room, it’s similar to the world where Harry wrote all his books!
  • It’s great for young people and even adults who want to experience life in the Potter world.
  • Lastly, it makes great use of under the step space that typically gets wasted….


What is in place for Electric Car Charging?

  • There is an EV charger at the end of the driveway next to 1223 Rebel Hill. This is listed on the Plug Share App under Rebel Hill Eco Homes. If you need some juice, plug in!


Why use decorative concrete in the two first floor suites and the Harry Potter nook?

  • We needed mass to hold the radiant heat. Concrete is perfect for this.
  • Rather than spending the bux and and absorbing the ” carbon hit” associated with installing tile over concrete, we invested the time to make the concrete look pretty special early in the game.
  • The result, a great looking low carbon floor where with no need to clean grout!


Why go natural furniture on the patio?

•   It will hold up a lot longer than plastic furniture and

  • The furniture was free. It came out of the ground when we did our excavating.
  • It just required Harold, our mentor and some of his solid thinking to make it work…


Is the neighborhood safe?

  • We’ll been on the Hill for 34 years. Not once has anything disappeared.
  • The house sits on a flag lot a good ways off Rebel Hill. We’re away from traffic.
  • We have a camera on the front driveway, just in case…


Why a recycled kitchen?

  • Its a great way to reuse resources.
  • The 10K we saved by extracting a 7 year old cherry kitchen with granite counter tops and applicance from a real nice Blue Bell home, we put into our tripe glazed windows.


Where did the Wissahickon Schist for the retaining wall come from?

  • 60 tons came from under the 1225 house
  • 10 ton came from the 1227 House
  • 5 ton came from the  neighbor. We bartered big bolders and recycled brick for landscaping
  • Result: a pretty cool looking functional low carbon wall that was not manufactured in a factory!


What happens when the house loses power.

  • Though we rarely lose power due to Peco’s aggressive tree work, just in case, we have a transfer switch and portable generator to keep the house running.


What’s an European drying room

  • It’s ventilated 4′ x 4′ room just off the laundry area with plenty of hanging racks..
  • Using this for drying your laundry will assure your clothes do not get beaten up by the dryer
  • Also, with the drying room, you can avoid using what our friend Mel Marmer calls the wicked appliance! Yes, the dryer :}
  • In case the drying room is full to the brim, we have a real nice Whirlpool dryer to go along with the WP washer!


Whats the purpose of the outside shower

  • It’s a fresh approach to showering – especially when the birds are chirping!
  • It’s a compliment to the sauna and
  • Along with a bar of Ivory soap, it reminds you a little bit of the Jersey shore :}


Why have a Sauna?

  • It will make our residents healthier,
  • Sitting in the Sauna 3 or 4 days a week will slow your motor down, and
  • It will help you with a solid cognitive run into your 90’s!
  • During Covid, the Sauna will only be available to the folks in the 3 bedroom unit.


Why Radon Evacuation

  • Given a lot of houses in PA have it, it needs to be vented!
  • When building the home in 2011, we installed the under the concrete piping and material in advance. It works!


How’s the Heating and Air conditioning work:

  • Each suite has its own heating and air condition controls.
  • If you would like more heat in the winter and less air in the summer, go for it..
  • If you want to open your windows and enjoy cross ventilation, just do it!


Can we garden?

  • Absolutely, We love gardeners!
  • If you want to grow some of your own veggies, we have nice fertile patch for you to work..
  • You’ll be able to get dirt under your fingernails, exercise in the fresh air and enjoy fresh, home grown produce during the months of July, August, September and October.


How we’ll tackle garbage at Rebel Hill?

  • Rather than use electricity, water and a garbage disposal, we’ll be making organic soil by feeding table scraps, coffee grinds and yes, egg shells to voracious red worms  living in  vermiposting box.
  • With the vermiposter, we’ll depend on the worms to turn the kitchen cuttings into fine organic soil.


Tell us about the railing at the entrance to the house..

  • It was designed by our mentor Harold Kimmelman to help evangelize our “Thinking House” minset
  • The railing has nine (9) “T” letters (for the word THINK) in different languages.
  • It was fabricated locally at Florig Industrial and set in place by a team of eight men. Yes, it’s a heavy fellow!

Can we get 15 to 20 minute tour /question and answer session from the fellow that built this home and a few of the others on

  • Yes, contact Carol, she’ll work on getting me down to “The Hill”
  • If our schedules conflict, we’ll have a phone chat!
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